Precast Concrete at Epic Concrete Jacksonville- A Real Solution That Fits Any Budget

Installing Precast Concrete Jacksonville, FL, is an ideal way to complete numerous building projects. These installations are designed for various types of buildings, including residential homes and commercial properties. Many benefits can come from using precast concrete for any project.

Epic Concrete Jacksonville is one of the trusted companies for precast concrete in Jacksonville FL. Whether you are looking to add a new patio or transform your commercial business into a show space, they can help with all of your precast concrete needs.

One great benefit of using precast concrete is its durability and strength. This robust material can withstand large amounts of weight and pressure without breaking apart easily. For homes and office buildings, installing precast concrete can increase the structure’s ability to handle natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes that may cause high wind speeds and heavy downpours. These events could potentially damage weaker building materials such as wood and steel, which would not withhold the same amount of pressure that comes from these natural disasters.

Precast concrete is created by mixing cement, water, fine aggregate, and other minerals, then pouring the mixture into cast-iron molds. The mixture hardens before it is removed from the mold after 24 hours. Most manufacturers allow precast concrete to cure for 28 days before shipping it. This ensures that the material has time to settle correctly before installation occurs on the building project site. Curing also helps reduce shrinkage cracks between individual pieces of precast material during shipment or while on site of the building project.

Curing is essential because it helps precast concrete to strengthen and improve its durability. The longer concrete cures, the stronger it will be after installation. If this material cannot cure long enough, the structure could collapse during use or become more susceptible to damage like cracking or chipping. Concrete that has been fixed for more than 90 days before installation is called “high-early strength” concrete. Structures made from this type of concrete are typically installed within hours of leaving the manufacturing plant, but some manufacturers refer to this as “crackles” concrete. This is because cracks often appear in untreated materials due to rapid changes in temperature throughout shipment, on-site installation, and when exposed to forces such as contraction or expansion. High-early strength concrete reduces the chance of cracks occurring during installation, but they can be filled with grout if they do occur. This material is often used for structures such as parking decks and bridges where the speed of construction is critical.